Home is the Key

Unlock a better tomorrow.

The answer to chronic homelessness? ​Four walls and a door that locks.

Interim housing can pop up in something as simple as empty parking lots. And they work –74% of residents in temporary housing programs moved into permanent housing and self-sustaining futures.

We have the need, we have the space, we have the hope. Now we just need you.

Unlock a better tomorrow.

It Costs Less to Treat
a Person Better

Emergency room medicine is the costliest medicine on the planet. And unfortunately for those experiencing homelessness, it’s the only option they feel they have available. It’s a simple economic solution: It costs less to treat a person better. And that’s what you get when you give to Dorothy’s Place.

empty lot interim housing project
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Keith with Dog
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Every Resident Has a Story

Every resident who comes to Dorothy’s Place has a story. We’d like you to meet Keith. Hear how he worked with the Dorothy’s Place team at House of Peace to meet his goal of finding a home.

Interim Housing Works

People Successfully Housed
Experiencing Homelessness
More Interim Units Needed
Into Housing
Over 5 Years
Daniel with sign

We Are All In This Together

March 1 & 2

Daniel’s 7 month journey across America with no food or shelter.

Make a Will

Receive tax benefits and make the most of your contribution by donating non-cash assets.

A Prayer Answered?

Maurice is straightforward about how he ended up living on the street and made his way to the House of Peace Residence.