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Welcome 2021!

By Jill Allen, Executive Director

Our Kitchen Program Director, Nic Bianchi, inspires us to offer love, respect, and compassion for our guests at Dorothy’s Place.  Nic has been with us in good times and through the tough times like this past year.  She shares her ability to focus on the hope and the goodness in the services we provide in the following reflection.

Reflection on 2020

By Nic Bianchi, Kitchen Program Director, Dorothy’s Place

I think we can all agree, this has been quite a year!  It’s certainly unlike anything I’ve seen; and I’ve been alive a good long time now! 😊

Support Us Through MC Gives!

Help us launch the Red Artichoke Café, job training and housing for unsheltered workers.

Workers will be selected from applicants in our client base who have high barriers to employment but good potential to improve. These unsheltered workers will be housed and participate in life improvement plans through our House of Peace Transitional Living Program. 

As work development trainees, when training is complete, they will be placed in mainstream jobs, opening availability for new trainees to participate.