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The Women Alive! Emergency Shelter program is open to women, including transgender women, that are in need of shelter, a bed, a meal, social services, and hygiene and laundry facilities. These women come to us with varied reasons and needs ranging from broken and/or abusive relationships to lack of resources to afford maintain a place of their own.    

Our social workers provide access to counseling programs, group sessions, and advocacy to obtain permanent housing for these members of our community.  However, one aspect that is very unique to this program is the ability to find unity within a group that are all experiencing a difficult period of their lives, thus finding a new level of stability through compassionate based conflict resolution and trauma-informed* social services management. 

If you would like to support this program through monetary or in-kind donations, donate here.

*What is Trauma-informed care?

Homelessness is traumatic. It can involve the loss of home, community, stability, safety, and social networks. Trauma Informed Care is an evidence-based practice that teaches service providers and their organizations about the triggers and vulnerabilities of trauma survivors. Trauma Informed Care helps providers to provide care to trauma survivors more effectively, while avoiding re-traumatization.

-from SAMHSA's Homelessness Resource Center

Guests: accommodations for 16 unaccompanied women daily, overflow capacity for another 16 women.

Hours: 7:00 pm -6:30 am daily. Doors close for admission at 8:00 pm to maintain safety for our guests.