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Race of Thrones "Crapper Derby"

May 6th 2017 at 10 a.m.
200 block of Main St. in Oldtown Salinas

The “Race of Thrones Crapper Derby” returns to Oldtown Salinas on Saturday, May 6 to benefit Dorothy’s Place Health & Housing movement. This free, family-friendly event is presented by the Salinas Rotary Club and Natividad Medical Foundation.

The derby-style relay race will feature three-member teams piloting homemade racing outhouses, with at least one team member on each “throne.” Teams will race down the 200 block of Main Street. Elimination races begin at 10 a.m. and continue until there is one clear winner.

The Kids Area, sponsored by Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System and California Water Service Co., will include Gotta Go Racers (motorized toilets to steer around a course), bounce houses, and fun interactive activities.

New this year are the Mr. & Mrs. Tidy Bowl Contest and Toilet Seat Toss. The Tidy Bowl Contest involves teams of two using six rolls of toilet paper, tape, a toilet brush, and a plunger for creative dress up. Signups occur the day of the event. The Toilet Seat Toss is similar to horseshoe toss. All supplies will be provided for a nominal donation of $10.

All proceeds from the event will help Dorothy’s Place provide trauma-informed case management to help house homeless people in Salinas’ Chinatown. This is part of an effort by Dorothy’s Place and the City of Salinas to find a lasting solution for chronic homelessness.

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