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They were invisible, but boy, did they do some damage. Last week, we discovered that hidden plumbing leaks had ruined the floors in our kitchen and dining room to the point of compromising safety. Those floors have to be replaced, and the plumbing fixed.

And sadly, when the floor came up, we discovered that our 20+ year-old walk-in refrigerator was also damaged and had to be replaced - to the tune of $30,000. 

The stove, ovens and walk-in cooler now removed.

Meanwhile we MUST keep serving meals, even while we can't cook, refrigerate, or wash dishes. Many of our wonderful volunteers are already shouldering our burden, bringing ingredients for sandwiches and even hot food!

Can you help? We know that in the wake of the terrible disaster at Food Bank for Monterey County, many who support their vital work cannot also help us now, still, we must ask for any gift you can give. We are so grateful that even as they are struggling to rebuild their warehouse, the Food Bank has continued to provide what they can for our meal service and for St. Clare's Corner - thank you, Food Bank!

Here's how you can help: 

  • A donation of disposable dinnerware will make a very big difference! You can drop it off at Dorothy's Place at 30 Soledad Street, Salinas, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • You can donate sandwich makings - lunchmeat, sliced cheese, mayo, peanut butter & jelly. We have plenty of bread, thank goodness.
  • ​You can donate money, which will help us pay for plumbing repairs (the good news is that our insurance will pay for the floors) and for the new cooler. You can mail us a check at the address below, or donate online at dorothysplace.org/donate

​Franciscan Workers, PO Box 2027, Salinas, CA 93902-2027.

You can also donate online by tapping the DONATE button above.




Dorothy’s Kitchen, founded with the desire that all people who are hungry in our community should come and eat, Dorothy’s Kitchen meets the urgent and fundamental need for food in an atmosphere of hospitality and care.

House of Peace

House of Peace is a transitional living program that promotes and provides safety, stability, and wellbeing for 12 adults who have experienced chronic homelessness. Living together as a community, the residents socialize with and support each other toward positive, healthier lifestyles.

Dorothy's Place Drop-in Center

The Drop-in Center provides a welcoming haven for homeless individuals to access basic services that nurture, heal, and build strength. Here the disabling isolation of living on the streets can give way to individual dignity as guests find help in addressing their daily needs, including restrooms, showers, mail, and laundry services.

Women Alive!

Women Alive! Emergency Shelter is currently the only place single women, including transgender women, can find walk-in emergency shelter services in Monterey County.


Health Clinic

Our Clinic complements the other services offered at the Hospitality Center by providing the on-site availability of medical services. Volunteer doctors and nurses from Natividad Medical Center and from the community staff the clinic on a weekly basis. Our health clinic is open on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. and logs about 1,300 visits every year.

St. Clare's Corner

St. Clare's Corner continues our vision of neighborhoods of mutual aid, providing household goods, clothing, and food weekly during the winter to about 260 families in need who live in the general neighborhood of our Franciscan Workers Community in East Salinas.

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