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Dorothy's Kitchen

Other than love, what is more basic a need than a food to eat?  For people who are experiencing homelessness, without a place to prepare meals, a home-style meal is truly a blessing; but in Dorothy's Kitchen, we serve more than food. We serve smiles, gentle conversation, hugs, and an atmosphere of family.


House of Peace

What is the House of Peace? Some have told us it is just like a settlement house. Others have mentioned 'permanent supportive housing' as a catchphrase. It's also been described as a live in 'program' to rehabilitate the homeless.  None of these fit because most essentially we are striving to create a home

Dorothy's Place Drop In Center

The Dorothy's Place Drop In Center is an essential gathering space in our Hospitality Center on Soledad Street in Salinas. Here guests take shelter, care for basic health and hygiene needs, socialize, and access many services geared at helping them live with greater dignity.

Women Alive!

We are committed to women living on the streets. The primary objective of our program is to create a safe, non-judgmental, nurturing space for women beginning with an emergency overnight shelter. Currently, Women Alive! is the only no-questions-asked emergency walk-in shelter for street women in Monterey County.

We are currently seeking qualified candidates for the position of Shelter Director.  Please see the position description at the bottom of the Women Alive program page.


Health Clinic

Our Clinic complements the other services offered at the Hospitality Center by providing the on-site availability of medical services. Volunteer doctors and nurses from Natividad Medical Center and from the community staff the clinic on a weekly basis. Our health clinic is open on Wednesdays from 12:30 to 2:00 p.m. and logs about 1,300 visits every year.

Youth Alive!

Youth Alive! is an after school program that strives to bring the compassionate heart of Dorothy's Place to children in poverty in the Salinas Valley. Our mission is to impart an understanding of the specialness and sacredness of every person and of the call to live lives of passionate commitment to self, family, community, and peace and justice.

St. Clare's Corner

St. Clare's Corner continues our vision of neighborhoods of mutual aid, providing household goods, clothing, and food weekly during the winter to about 260 families in need who live in the general neighborhood of our Companions of the Way Community in East Salinas.

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