Peter Maurin Screen Printers

Our goal is to create sustainable work and revenue opportunities for guests of Dorothy's Place who are ready for a "next step" after volunteering. Our emphasis is building self-esteem and confidence and creating a work environment without overwhelming stress. Still, we are a business in a competitive environment and we work together to meet our customers' expectations.

Soledad St Marketplace: @risK Artisan Gallery & La Perla Books & Coffee

One of the most interesting places on Soledad Street is our @risK Gallery, which functions as a studio space and exhibition room, hosting various projects such as the Breakthrough H'Art's mosaic project. Inside @risK is La Perla Books and Coffee, a combination reading and meeting room as well as a coffee, tea and snack bar.

Red Artichoke Culinary School & Catering

Many of our homeless guests at Dorothy's Place face huge barriers to employment.  Our objective with Red Artichoke is three-fold:

  • Overcome barriers to food service employment
  • Fill an existing need in our local community
  • Create an earned income stream for Dorothy's Kitchen
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