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Lunch Bag Project

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Lunch Bag Project

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We invite you to invest your lunch money - just $10 - to provide 50 nutritious meals for people who are very poor and homeless at Dorothy’s Kitchen. A donation of $5 will create meals for 25 people that are hungry. It’s true! We really do make 25 meals from a $5 donation and we serve 350 every day. This is because every dollar is matched with in-kind donations from the community and because we buy much of our food from the Food Bank for Monterey County. When everything comes together, we spend $.20 per meal served. It really is a miracle!

Help with this project by:

Make a donation, give away bags as gifts, and pass the word along! Help provide meals, meals, meals!

Become a volunteer. There are many ways to contribute, including staffing information tables at Farmer's Markets, helping organize school campaigns, working with small businesses, doing errands, and so much more!

Host a Lunch Bag Project at your workplace or school - we provide all the support and materials that are needed. All that is required is enthusiasm and a point person to connect with the people in your organization or institution.

We are looking for donation outlets throughout the County in each micro region (Marina, Seaside, Downtown Salinas, Toro Park, etc.). We will advertise your business and people will come to your location to make donations.

We are also offering sponsorship opportunities for major contributors.

For more information on how you can participate, contact Jill Allen at (831) 578-4198.