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  • A corridor of doorways upstairs at the House of Peace

House of Peace is a transitional living program that promotes and provides safety, stability, and wellbeing for 24 adults who have experienced chronic homelessness*. Living together as a community, the residents socialize with and support each other toward positive, healthier lifestyles. The House of Peace provides structure and supportive services including emotional support, linkage to community resources, educational direction, financial and literacy programs, as well as assistance with benefit applications, employment readiness, and job searches. With case management services on site, residents have consistent contact with someone who can help them navigate obstacles and experience successes toward an end goal of attaining sustainable permanent housing.

Immersion groups often share a meal with the residents of the House of Peace during their stay. It is an opportunity for each group to share their lives and stories with each other.

*What is “chronic homelessness”?

For many, homelessness is a short-term problem. For others, homelessness is pervasive. The federal definition states that a person is considered chronically homeless when he spends over a year in a state of homelessness or has had a minimum of four episodes of homelessness over a three-year period. Although chronic homelessness represents a small portion of the overall homeless population, this population consumes over half of services.