Dorothy's Place

co-operating out of poverty

Dorothy's Kitchen

  • Dorothy's Place, Salinas CA

Dorothy’s Kitchen, founded with the desire that all people who are hungry in our community should come and eat, meets the urgent and fundamental need for food in an atmosphere of hospitality and care. Delicious meals from fresh ingredients are planned, prepared and served by a talented professional chef, staff, and dedicated volunteers in an atmosphere of respect, valuing every person, guest and worker alike. Dorothy’s Kitchen provides 150 hot breakfasts and 200 hot dinner-style lunches every day of the year, including as many as 1,000 at Thanksgiving, to people who are very poor and hungry. The joint efforts of experienced employees, a large cadre of motivated volunteers, and many generous contributors, produce and food donors, including the Food Bank for Monterey County, together creates efficiency in service that is unmatched. Together, we are a conduit of our community’s generosity and care for people living on the margins in a County with the second highest poverty rate in the state and one of the highest in the nation.

Dorothy's Kitchen opens at 8:30 every morning for a hot breakfast for our guests. The Kitchen also serves a hot lunch every day of the week at 1:00 p.m.

There is no charge, obligation (other than good behavior), or discrimination. We don’t ask names or request IDs. Those who come are our guests, and are treated with hospitality, like family.

During the week, Dorothy’s Kitchen is staffed by Franciscan Workers and volunteers from throughout the community. Volunteers play an integral role in the life of Dorothy's Place, giving of themselves to help others. On the weekends, local faith communities, schools, and civic organizations take over the Kitchen operation, and for that, we are eternally grateful.

Anyone is welcome to come and join in the work of Dorothy's Kitchen by signing up to volunteer. It is most important to bring smiles with you and pass them out to everyone!