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Board of Directors

Daniel Griffee, President
Board Secretary Daniel Griffee

Daniel Griffee is a local attorney who has worked in Salinas and Monterey County since 1995. In the recent past, Dan observed observed a marked increase in the number of homelessness in and around Salinas. Dan was moved to assist Dorothy’s Place not only by its goal to provide for the immediate needs of homeless individuals but also addressing homeless individuals’ long-term needs to help elevate these individual up from homelessness and returning them to a sustainable permanent housing situation.

Claire Borges, Vice President
Kevin Little, Treasurer
Steve Nejasmich, Secretary
Board Member Steve Nejasmich

Steve Nejasmich is a retired educator who most recently served as the Deputy Superintendent of Schools at the Monterey County of Education. He also served as the principal of three high schools and worked for many years in the inner cities of Watts, Hunter’s Point and North St. Louis. During those years, Steve worked closely with the poor and homeless and desires to continue this in his retirement.

Miriam Little
Board Member Miriam Little

I am a former Federal attorney, having worked for the United States Department of the Interior and the Food and Drug Administration. Currently, I am a registered marriage and family therapist intern with the state of California.

I chose to serve on the Board as I believe in what the Franciscan Workers are working to accomplish in providing a compassionate and loving presence, alongside practical resources, for those who have the greatest needs and the least support in our society. For many years I've been part of a team providing dinner for the women alive program. Service on the board is a natural extension of those efforts.

Edward Moncrief, Strategic Planning
Board Strategic Planning, Edward Moncrief

Mr. Moncrief retired from a forty-one-year career in nonprofit housing development and finance. During most of those years, he held the position of Chief Executive Officer. His responsibilities included assisting his Boards of Directors in strategic planning, fundraising, program development, administrative oversight, and public relations. Since retiring, Mr. Moncrief has embarked on a second career as an author.

As a young man, I spent ten years in seminary, studying to be a Franciscan priest. During those years, I was surrounded by loving professors, brothers, and fellow students, all of whom were striving to follow the spirit of the Gospels as reflected in the life of Francis of Assisi. After leaving seminary, I resolved to continue my commitment to the poor and dispossessed. My career focused on the shelter needs of low-income—primarily minority and working—families. My involvement with the Franciscan Worker is another expression of this life-long pledge.

Ronnie Thompson, Resource Development
Board Resource Development Ronnie Thompson

My name is Ronnie Thompson and I live and work in Salinas. I am the assistant plant manager at Cool Pacific Cooling. I have worked there for 27 years.

I serve on the Board because I care about the homeless and people who are down on their luck. I believe that what Dorothy's stands for and the good work done through the organization is something that need to endure in our community for a long time to come.

Martin Vonnegut, Facilities / Finance
Bill Warne
Board President Bill Warne

I am proud to see the tremendous growth in all of our programs from those early days when our church made and passed out sandwiches. We have changed quite a bit since then! I believe it is important to help people survive but more importantly, give them a chance to thrive. That is why I so avidly support our transition programs. Our success has been achieved through the hard work and dedication of our staff. We can’t thank them enough. It is an honor to serve on the board of Dorothy’s Place.


Jill Allen, Executive Director
Tawni Gott, Assistant Bookkeeper
Carmen Lombardino, Bookkeeper
Reyna Urias, Office Manager
Subbha Padmanabhan, Executive Director, Finance


Javier Rodriguez, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor
Juan Ortiz, Property Maintenance

Drop-in Center

Tony Colin, Drop-in Center Manager
David Fernando, Drop-in Center Coordinator
Regina Williams, Drop-in Center Manager of the Case Managers
Adam Aguirre, Drop-in Center Advocate
Fatima Cortez, Drop-in Center Advocate
Lidia Escalera, Drop-in Center Case Manager
Joel Fernandez Jr., Drop-in Center Case Manager
Guadalupe Lupita Gamboa, Drop-in Center Advocate
Guadalupe Lopez, Drop-in Center Advocate
Eva Zambrano, Drop-in Center Advocate
Veronica Pascual-Arroyo, Drop-in Center Social Worker I

House of Peace

Mark McKinnon, House of Peace Interim Director/Case Manager
Dollie Pope, House of Peace Resident Manager
Patricia Fuentez, House of Peace Case Manager

Women Alive!

Stefhani Godinez, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator
Laura Xirum, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator
Nicolasa Alvarez, Women Alive! Program Director
Ofelia Chavez, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator
Sasha Curiel, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator
Hilda Martinez, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator Lead I
Alysah Moreno, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator
Carol Perez, Women Alive! Shelter Coordinator

Dorothy’s Kitchen

Nic Bianchi, Dorothy’s Kitchen Director
Adrian Lopez, Dorothy’s Kitchen Cook
Aaron Melendez, Dorothy’s Kitchen Kitchen & Donation Logistics Coordinator
John Newkirk, Dorothy’s Kitchen Manager
Juan Ortiz, Dorothy’s Kitchen Kitchen Assistant

Chinatown Health Services Center

Martin Alvarez Jr., Chinatown Health Services Center Manager
Janet Martinez-Angeles, Chinatown Health Services Center Advocate
Sonia R. Moreno, Chinatown Health Services Center Advocate
Priscilla Rodriguez, Chinatown Health Services Center Advocate
Dale Rogers, Chinatown Health Services Center Advocate